The Risks of Using Social Media

Social media can be both your friend and enemy! It depends upon how you use it. As a teenager, you are now building your digital footprint from a young age. Any tweet, instagram post or status updates you make online constantly impacts your personality and life. So Social media should be used with responsibility. This course guides you to become safe and secure on social media.

Who can take this course:

  • Children aged 13 years and above
  • Parents who want to educate their children about social media

Topics covered:

  • Cyber bullying
  • Identity theft
  • Social engineering attacks
  • Damaged digital reputation
  • Real-world threats

After completing this course you can:

  • Use social medial smartly and responsibly
  • protect yourself from cyber bullying and stalking
  • Protect yourself from emotional blackmailing
  • Safeguard your online reputation

This course is authored and presented by Megha Kandpal.


  • Cyber Bullying Free preview 6 mins This chapter covers contents of the course and cyber bullying. You will know how to identify cyber bullying, stop and protect yourself from it.
  • Identity Theft Free preview 5 mins You will know answers to these questions. What is identity theft? How it is used against you? And how to prevent it?
  • Social Engineering Attack Login or Register 5 mins This chapter covers how to understand social engineering attacks. You will know tips and tricks to protect yourself from social engineering attacks.
  • Damaged Digital Reputation Login or Register 5 mins You will know what is digital footprint and how each post you make on social media will impact you and others. Learn more about social media responsibility.
  • Real World Threats (Burglary & Stalking) Login or Register 7 mins How criminals use social media for their criminal activities? What is cyber stalking and how to prevent it?

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