How To Deal With Comparison Positively

This is a mini module with one section. We all know comparison is bad. But teenagers are subjected to comparison again and again. So this module helps you in dealing with comparison postively. It guides you through 5 principles.

  1. Stay away from jealousy
  2. Preserve self-esteem
  3. Understand the purpose
  4. Candid discussion
  5. Stand for others

Note: Please make sure to complete the exercise at the end of the module.

When to take this module: Initially, you can go through this module once or twice. Later on, whenever you are feeling low or got hurt due to comparison, you can revisit this module.


  • How to deal with comparison positively Free preview 4 mins


Recall when you have been compared with others last time and write down answers to below points.

  • How did you feel during that situation?
  • How did you respond outwardly?
  • How would you respond now as you know how to deal with comparison positively?

Note: There is no right or wrong answer. The purpose of this exercise is to identify your own feelings and emotions and apply the learnings from this module in your daily life. So write freely :)

You can use Markdown.

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