Dealing with Test Anxiety and Exam Pressure

  • Duration: 07:00 mins.

Exam pressure or exam phobia is commom among students irrespective of their age and class. This anxiety before exam impacts students' performance in a negative manner. However, the good news is dealing with test anxiety is easy and the exam stress can be turned into our advantage by managing our fears and emotions.

Fear of exams result in poor motivation, unitnterest in activities, headeche, palpitation, panic attack etc. The students or childern can not enjoy their studies proprly as they are filled with constant fear. So managing exam pressure in a timely manner is very important. In extreme cases exam pressure leads to suicides.

There will be many reasons for anxiery before exams. Some known causes are

  1. Peer pressure or peer competition
  2. High expectations from parents and teachers
  3. Fear of shame among friends and relatives
  4. Rivalry with siblings to score better

The good news is exam phobia can be overcome easily with good guidnace and planning. The first step to overcome your exam anxiety is to identify the root cause of your problem. For that, you should ask yourelf why you are feeling pain or fear. It is sometimes difficult to identify yourself so you should take help from others like your friends, teachers or even your parents. In this module you will learn how to do this.

You will learn following tricks to win over exam pressure.

  1. How to identify and be aware of exam fear
  2. How to discuss your fears with teachers and parents
  3. How to set expectations with others
  4. How to plan in advance for exams
  5. How to guide your friends and classmates who are suffering with exam pressure or phobia

Overall this module guides you to overcome exam fear through the story of Neela, a bright student who succumb to exam pressure.

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