Life skills for 11 to 16-year-olds!
Emotional intelligence + Real-world intelligence
100% score in board exams does not guarantee success in career and life. What guarantees success are 'life skills'.

What 'Life Skills' you will learn

Manage your anger and anxiety
Overcome exam fobia and stress
Face and stop bullies smartly
Stay motivated and motivate others
Resolve conflicts with friends, parents etc.
Talk to strangers and elders properly
Use social media smartly and responsibly
Improve leadership skills and habits

and much more...

How you will learn

Emotional intelligent and real-world intelligent modules prepared by psychologists

Each module consists of sections

Sections are in interactive/ video format

Each section is no longer than 3 to 4 mins supporting micro-learning

Practical exercises to improve and retain your emotional intelligence

Join discussion on each module to clarify doubts

Growing children

What is 'real-world intelligence'?

  • Ability to identify and manage the happenings around you for yourself and others.
  • Ex: Keeping up with technology, Knowing the value of money and banking systems, making smart career choices and buying decisions etc.
Careerfont emotions

What is 'emotional intelligence'?

  • Emontional awareness
  • Ability to harness emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problem solving.
  • ability to manage emotions - including your own and cheering up and calming down others.
Growing children

What is 'Careerfont'?

  • Careerfont = real-world intelligence + emotional intelligence
  • Modules in the form of short and sweet videos and discussions.
  • Designed for teenagers.

Featured Modules


How to Say Goodbye to Exam Phobia

  • 07:00 mins.


What to do When You are Cyberbullied

  • 09:00 mins.


How to Convert Jealousy into Motivation

  • 10:00 mins.


How To Improve Positive Communication With Parents

  • 06:00 mins.

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